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Alternatively Educated Students (AES) Defined

AES are those students who gain interscholastic eligibility to participate with a GAPPS member school without consideration of enrollment with the desired school of participation.  Consideration for AES eligibility is based on the following criteria;

  1. Home Study Student: Home study student (Homeschooled) as defined by O.C.G.A. 20-2-690 . 

  2. Virtual Learner: Students enrolled in a Public or Private Virtual School that does not provide interscholastic activities.

  3. Crossover Student: Students enrolled in a GAPPS member school that does not provide the desired activity and request consent to participate with another GAPPS member school.  This process is referred to as “Crossover Participation”.  

  4. Part-Time Student: Students enrolled in a GAPPS member school and taking less than 3 full time classes. These students are referred to as "Part-time Students".



Parent Handbook - Click Here

- In the parent handbook you will find the rules and regulations applicable to Alternatively Educated Students. Additionally you will find instructions for submitting your application. Please read the handbook and the instructions prior to filling out your application.

Crossover and Part-Time Students ONLY - Click Here



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